Zadig Gestion (Luxembourg) SA

Zadig is specialised in European stock picking. Our hands-on bottom-up approach to investment means our research team travels around Europe to meet the managers (CEOs, CFOs and IR) of the companies we cover. Our team organises more than 800 meetings per year in order to be able to build our proprietary valuation models. We never rely on sell side-analysts' investment recommendations. Zadig independently runs a multi asset strategy backed by strong academic research. Our Active Risk Parity strategy is a proprietary all-weather asset allocation process aiming at providing high Risk adjusted return over the medium term with no or low correlation with Equities and Government Bonds. It dynamically allocates within a large span of market premiums covering equity indices, government bonds, commodities and credit through a fully-framed process.


70C, route d'Arlon
8008 Strassen (Luxemburg)